Telenor interaktive floor

In 2014 telecom company Telenor launched a new campaign in order to support the claim: “Best network in Denmark”. No Parking was engaged in the development of an interactive floor for a campaign tour throughout Denmark. The interactive floor consists of a 4 x 6 meter LED-floor displaying a graphical map of Denmark. Across the map there are several interactive zones that can be activated by visitors, and activate videos on 16 large screen, that surround the floor. When visitors walk across the floor, they are registered by an overhead camera that can read their position. The floor map reacts by showing graphic circles and animations around the visitors on the floor.


No Parking cooperated with interaction design company Yoke around the technical production on the interactive floor. We were also responsible for planning and editing of sound and video, which was displayed on the 16 surrounding screens. No Parking programmed the content with Watchout – our flexible video system, which provides synchronisation of multiple video sources. Since we embarked in all aspects of the technological solution, No Parking was responsible for execution of the installation across multiple locations in Denmark.