360 degrees in Copenhagen

No Parking’s 360 degree video installation, that has previously visited the Venice Bienalle, has been updated with new cultural content and was setup for the VIBES conference 7th. November 2013, at the Locomotive Workshop. VIBES is arranged by the Øresund Event Center, and gathers a broad range of stakeholders, officials and politicians from the entire Øresund region. No Parking has created an epic narrative for the occasion, combining 360 degree video from exciting locations in Copenhagen; for example from the Airport Control Tower,  the Carlsberg Glyptotek, The Marble Church, and the Østervold Observatorium.

We have developed a new technique with 4 GoPro cameras, mounted on a “rig”, pointing to every corner of the world. Each camera records in 120 degrees view, and the recordings are “stitched together” in a complicated work flow, resulting in a 360 degree video. The films are assembled in our advanced “Watchout system”, which can distribute video signals to multiple video projectors, projecting onto a circular screen. Together with a surround audio mix, we create a 360 degree experience that surrounds its audience.


No Parking has invested in all equipment for the 360 degree installation, and can offer fair prices for production and rental.

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