Development support for “Haunted”

The Danish Film Institute has supported No Parking with DKK. 75.000 for develpment of an interactive story with the title “Haunted”. The project consists of an interactive board game – designed as the floor plan of a home – which can be explored with a Smartphone or Tablet using Augmented Reality. When the devices camera is pointed towards the floor plan, it transforms into a 3D-universe, which can be explored. The game is supported by a strong narrative storyline,  that sets the plot in the game and creates riddles and tasks to exploit in interaction with the board game.


The project is aimed at children in the age group 9-14, or as family entertainment. The game consists of 2 parts: an APP which is downloaded to the mobile device, and a physical board game which can either be printed or is distributed in a box.

The board game serves as source for the APP, which then uses Augmented Reality (AR) to bring the floor plan to life. We have created a simple prototype, that shows how the technique works:

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