Wicked – Multimedia Theatre

With the musical “WICKED”, the New Theatre put together an amazing multi media experience. There are more than 50 video screens in set-designer Paul Fawnsworth’s visualization. In this prestigious project, No Parking has had responsibility for technical advice, and been in charge of the complex programming of visuals for the show.

The musical Wicked uses video projections and multiple screens as a main visual element in almost all scenes. A large rear-projection was illuminated by three powerful (12.000 lumen) projectors. A video tower consisting of 16 plasma screens was made to be elevated up through the stage floor. Apart from that, there are no less than 30 plasma screens surrounding the stage. The many video screens have been an exciting challenge for No Parking, who together with the theaters technicians, had to invent new ways to synchronize and route the many video signals.

No Parking used WATCHOUT for programming all the visuals, and distribution for all the screens. We worked with up to 45 layers of video in real time, including individual color adjustments in the software, and warping of the projections.

The assignment took two months to complete, from the first meetings to premiere. From then on the show was handed over to the theaters own technicians.