Cooperation on Augmented Reality

No Parking participates in a development project for Koldinghus Museum, in cooperation with Spinderihallerne (Kids’n’Tweens) , Aalborg University and Baaring Stories. The project has the work title “Memories of the Walls”, and uses Augmented Reality to create experiences from the historical background of Koldinghus.

News_MurenesMinder Aimed at children, the project uses a gaming mobile platform (iPad), in combination with trading cards, to create location based stories on Koldinghus Castle.The trading cards are placed on locations in the castle, and filmed with the iPads camera. By using advanced image recognition technology, the cards trigger an interactive story from the period of King Christian IV. The project is a pilot for a larger project with multiple stories, in a fully featured serious game, that explores the full potential of Koldinghus, and maybe even additional sites.

No Parking’s role
Apart from a primary role in the development process and script, No Parking has responsibility for design of graphics, and 3D-animations for the game. Additionally, we have been in charge of narration of voices and audio design.

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