Art exhibition in Horsens

Horsens Museum of Modern Art has engaged No Parking to supervise, and carry out audiovisual technology, for the artist Maj-Britt Boa’s exhibition “WATER”, which opens on Septermber 4th 2010. No Parking will also create an individual element for the exhibition; an interactive installation where visitors can manipulate with the artist’s works – a new initiative for getting the youth to visit museums.

Pool with projection in the ceiling
One of the artists works is a large empty  swimmingpool, in which the visitors can wander around. The entire ceiling over the pool will be covered by a giant projection of clouds, gliding across a clear blue sky. The projection is also part of an interactive installation, where visitors can change the mood of the projection via a touch screen to; sunset, thunder, or night.

Tower with 37 televisions

Another of the artists works is a 5 meter high tower of old televisions,built up in a pyramid shape. The many  TV’s come to life one after the other with imagery of water – and suddenly all screens are filled by a great image of a waterfall spans across all screens. No Parking has been responsible for filming of waterfalls, and the complete audiovisual installation.

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