No Parking “explores” Paris


During the last 10 years, No Parking has participated in the events, when the service giant ISS has held their Top Management conferences. This year it was held in Paris, with more than 400 leaders gathered whopper to be entertained and informed  – under the theme “EXPLORE – the ISS Way”. Like the previous years, No Parking has been responsible for the production of graphics and execution of the visuals. And for the second consecutive year, No Parking also delivered a digital treasure hunt in the capital city.


The digital treasure was developed in collaboration with event company Heart Work. It started with delivery of iPads and an instruction in the conference hall, after which the participants were sent off as 105 groups by busses. The iPad application displayed locations which could visit and investigated for clues. A quiz which 3 questions had to be answered correctly, to win a puzzle piece and assemble the image of the Mona Lisa. If the questions were answered incorrectly, the groups given to a “fake piece” – eg. with a mustache or digital clock. Besides seeing their own position on the iPad, the groups could also see the other groups. And when they approached one of these, it was possible to “steal” a good puzzle piece from them, by defeating them in a quiz duel. To become the overall winner, a complete and true Mona Lisa had to be gathered.