Interactive installation in Berlin

No Parking has made our second video installation in Berlin. The first time was a large event for Grundfos, but this time it is an installation for the Viking exhibition at Martin Gropius-Bau Museum – a large exhibition place that also is host to the David Bowie exhibition. The installation consists of an interactive Rune Stone, where the visitors can write a message from a touch screen. The messages are displayed in Viking Runes – but “magically” transform to Latin letters, when a visitor approaches the stone.


The touch screen computer is mounted on a floor stand, inviting visitors to enter a message on the keyboard, and submit it to the Rune Stone. Behind the touch screen, a large model of a Rune Stone is mounted against a wall, with a short-throw projector creating the imagery of the visitors text on the stone. In the bottom of the stone we have placed a Kinect Sensor, which can sense when a visitor approaches the Rune Stone, which then affects the visualization by gradually transforming the Viking Runes to its corresponding Latin lettering.


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