Exhibition Design
Concept, form and content

Concept Development

No Parking creates exhibitions based on original concepts that we develop in collaboration with our clients. We listen to ideas, facilitate workshops, and come up with design proposals. Once the design is approved, we also offer full oversight of the exhibition production.


We use 3D software to create pre-visualisations of the exhibition’s final design. The pre-visualisations are made with realistic materials and lighting that give a faithful impression of the final look. We often find that real photographs of the complete exhibition end up looking very similar to our pre-visualisations.

Design Delivery

In order to build an overview of the content and form of the proposed exhibition, we deliver a comprehensive document that shows the exhibition’s design and details its content. This ‘bible’ offers visualisations, drawings, photographic references and text descriptions in order to forge a consensus around expectations and scope. We evaluate the design document together with our client and we keep it updated, so at the end, it serves as a catalogue for the exhibition.

Interactivity & Experience

No Parking has many years experience working with interaction and experience design. We are experts in integrating interactive and experiential elements into exhibitions. Though our starting point is around making exhibitions that are inclusive and tactile, we also strive to communicate clearly and informatively, so visitors feel informed and smarter at the end.