Virtual Technology
Augmented and Virtual Reality

New Technologies

No Parking has several years’ experience with virtual technology such as AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality). Beyond making products that are individually oriented, we’ve specialised in making these technologies accessible so multiple people can participate in the experience at the same time.


No Parking has worked with Augmented Reality from its beginning. For example, we developed a research project together with the media section at Aalborg University, where we tested the medium’s potential for museums. The result was the project ‘Murenes Minder’ at Koldinghus, where children in groups could interact with several of the museum’s artefacts.


We have made several installations where one gets a realistic experience by being placed somewhere and being able to look around – in a real location, or in a computer-generated virtual landscape in 360º. To make the experience accessible, we often use a screen where several can gather around and explore together.

VR Telescope

For certain situations, No Parking has developed a digital telescope through which you can see virtual scenarios, for example another time period. When you look into the telescope, you’ll first see your actual surroundings, but as soon as you pan the telescope, the surroundings are transformed into an immersive experience of the same place in another time. Our Virtual Reality telescope can be delivered as a fixed unit that just needs to be connected to power, and doesn’t require any special handling. The same experience can also be created with a mobile, battery-powered screen, that can be carried around an exhibition, or outdoors.