Technical Control System
Automation of exhibition technology


No Parking is the Danish distributor for PIXILAB Blocks. Aside from being a flexible control system that can automate an exhibition, Blocks is also a CMS system where digital text, pictures and videos can easily be kept updated. Finally, Blocks works excellently as a platform for mobile experiences. Please contact us for a demonstration of the system.


Blocks makes use of standard web-technologies to display content on screens and with projections – including text, images, video, 3D and 360º content. Furthermore, Blocks can send commands to the network to direct lighting and control digital units. The software is user-friendly, so service and maintenance are easy to learn.


Blocks is installed on a server that has access to a network in the exhibition. A Linux-based ‘player software’ is installed on computers that are connected to screens, projectors and speakers in the exhibition. This approach has the advantage of not requiring the same degree of maintenance as, for example, a Windows-based system.


Blocks is a fantastic tool for creating interactivity in an exhibition. It includes built-in tools for designing user interfaces and language selections. One can connect sensors directly to the system, and set up parameters to create interaction in an exhibition. This way one can build scenarios where video, light and sound are integrated into a shared experience.


No Parking has delivered installations with PIXILAB Blocks to museums in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Our technicians have completed courses in PIXILAB Blocks, and can supply training, programming and technical support. Last but not least, we have developed a tool that can monitor the Blocks installations and alert us if anything happens.