Projection & Light
Visualization, experience and mood


An exhibition should ideally be a sensory experience. Projections and lights create atmosphere and help guide the public through the exhibition. We aim to create a visual atmosphere that complements the surroundings and is integrated with the story.

Projection Experiences

No Parking has worked with projection experiences for many years. For example, we’ve made big panoramic projections for exhibitions and stage shows. We have also made 360º projections on spherical domes, as a way of making an immersive experience that surrounds the public. Our understanding of big projections means that we’re able to deliver both the visual content and the key technical knowhow.

Projection Mapping

One of the methods that we use is ‘mapping’ projections so that they fit perfectly to different shapes and surfaces. The Projection Mapping technique requires precise measurements and calculations, and No Parking has broad experience working with projection mapping from a large number of these kinds of projects.

Light Design

Light attracts the public’s attention. Therefore it’s important to have lighting design in an exhibition. This is all the more important when lighting has to work together with projection. At No Parking, we’ve been responsible for light design for many exhibitions and can offer the right equipment – also with regard to sustainability, focus and colour temperature.

Light & Storytelling