Mobile Experiences
Audio guides and tablet-based dissemination


One advantage of a mobile experience is that one can develop it so that it is tailored to a location. This provides the opportunity to create a bespoke experience, for example by using user-engaging activities to give the visitor a personalised experience. When in the open air, we can pinpoint the user’s position using GPS data, though No Parking also works with several location tools that also function inside.

Audio Guides

No Parking works with user-friendly audio guides that work simply by being pointed at something you want to know about and then clicked. This system, that is well-suited to museums and exhibitions, can also be integrated with video screens, so that sound synchronised with the screens plays through the audio guide, in the user’s preferred language.

Pixilab Blocks

We also work with the innovative system PIXILAB Blocks that is well-suited for mobile experiences – and can also be used on the visitor’s own smartphone. The advantage of this system is that content can be edited and updated via a flexible CMS system. Furthermore, the mobile experience can be integrated with light and projections, so the experience extends beyond the mobile unit.

Mobile Solutions

After repeated requests, No Parking has developed and produced several experiences for mobile platforms, for example, for iPad, iPhone and Android smartphones. For all of our mobile projects, we start by focussing on the narrative – so we create something better than just a technical solution.