Idea Development

No Parkings develops concepts for media communication, in cooperation with clients and partners. We assist in idea generation, planning and production of digital storytelling for corporate and cultural events, exhibitions, film and television.

Our projects have the story as their starting point. We have a vast experience with script development, and use illustrations and storyboards to communicate the visual tone and style. Often we create prototypes, to make sure there is a consensus about the aim of the project. The visual experience is always in center.

A profound experience with productions for the experience industry, has given us a proven track record and knowhow. We often serve as consultants in project development for exhibitions and events.

Project Management & Production

We take charge of management and production of visual media, and installations for information and learning – both for corporate and cultural purposes.

For example we produce high quality audiovisual content for corporate and cultural events, exhibitions, films, mobile applications and the Internet.

One of our specialities is creation of multi-image video projections, with combinations of animations, graphics and video. We use WATCHOUT – an award winning application that gives us the possibility to create visually stunning shows, for communication to a large audience – now also in stereoscopic 3D.

Testing, Installation & Execution

No Parking has facilities for setup, testing and execution of large audiovisual installations – for example with video projections and screens. We produce, test and publish mobile applications that are carried by visual storytelling. We also contribute in delivery of audiovisual installations with interactive elements.

We have delivered fixed installations for several museums and experience centers in Denmark. Often we include a control system, that automatically starts, plays, and shuts down an installation, at specified times. Furthermore, we have experience with mobile devices and interactive technology, for creation of installations where visitors can trigger video, audio and lighting effects, or be part of a digital role play.