Advisor for Arsenal Museum

No Parking has since the middle of 2011 been engaged as IT and AV-advisor, in relation to establishment of a new permanent exhibition at the Arsenal Museum, with the title “Danish Wars”. The exhibition opened in the beginningof 2013, and has been followed by an observation and adjustment period of a half year.

Most often museums cannot allocate resources for final adjustments, with the need for these often showing itself after an exhibition is taken into use by the public. At the Royal Arsenal Museum this period has resulted in an optimization of the information system programming – giving visitors a better experience.


Apart from advising on video systems and sound installation, No Parking has been responsible for establishing an information system for no less than 60 touch screens in the exhibition, where visitors can read about the objects, explore images and videos. The system is designed as a CMS system, corresponding to the museums request for easy maintenance of text, images and videos.

In order to automate startup and shut-down of the exhibition, No Parking has programmed and delivered a central control system where daily operation can be controlled from a central touch screen.