Interaction Design
Technology that activates our senses


A great way to engage museum guests’ attention is with interactive experiences and tasks. With a well thought-through design, visitors also interact with each other – and in this way the museum visit is made personal.

Actively Involving

Beyond interaction on touchscreens, a technology we know from our smartphones, No Parking is specialised in tactile and sensor-based interfaces. We often use activators and sensors, so, for example, a visitor has to use their body, or touch, pull, move or rotate elements in order to activate an experience.

Visitor Flow

It is also possible to provide each visitor with a device, so we can follow their movement through an exhibition. This knowledge gives us the opportunity to create a direction in the narrative, for example by leading visitors from one room to another. This form of interaction can create an environment where the visitor feels deeply involved and engaged in the story.

Technological Knowledge

Our designers are specialised in researching a wide array of possibilities and in developing interfaces that feel natural and intuitive. We have experience with sensors, handheld devices and intelligent central systems, all of which we use to form the interactive experience. Our solutions are solid and durable, so they can deal with the rough-and-tumble of daily use.

Interaktivitet & oplevelse

No Parking har mangeårig erfaring med interaktiv formidling og oplevelsesdesign. Vi er eksperter
I at integrere interaktive elementer og oplevelsesrige installationer i udstillinger. Selvom vi tager udgangspunkt i at skabe en inkluderende og sanselig udstilling, sørger vi også for en stringent
faglig kommunikation, så man bliver klogere af at besøge udstillingen.