Illustrations & Graphics
Illustrations, posters and wayfinding

Visual Expression

Our daily world is filled with images, and it’s therefore a good idea to make exhibitions stand out by incorporating an artistic touch to the placards and signs. At No Parking, we are experienced in creating a graphic universe that communicates clearly while also being inviting and accessible. We also always incorporate the overall graphic look into the screens and projections.

Graphic Universe 

Our designers begin by working out a style-palette, with colours, typography and mood, which sets the tone for the whole experience. This universe informs the process when it comes to choosing materials, or designing placards and digital displays.

Hand-drawn Images & Illustration

We have made several exhibitions where large-format hand-drawn illustrations are used to create an authentic atmosphere. Illustrations can easily be designed to fit with the graphic universe, and are made to be experienced as an integrated part of the exhibition. This approach can also help convey complex information in a simple way, thus making the exhibition more comprehensive and accessible.


Visitors can easily get confused and find it hard to navigate an exhibition. This is why we offer clear signposting in eye-catching graphics that help visitors find their way. Wayfinding can also be integrated into interactive screens, so visitors can easily find an overview of their position in the museum.