“Homeland?” on DR2

The dokumentary film “Homeland” is about two young muslims, who are refugees in Denmark. The film portrays a negative and a positive situation. In the first case we meet Omar, who faces a charge for violence. It appears that he reacted to his sister being harassed for wearing a scarf. In the other case we meet Issa, who has adapted well, and is the first Palestinian to graduate from the local high school.

Omar in front of the court house, and  Issa in front of the examination room 

Filming in Libanon
Apart form the scenes in Denmark,  No Parking’s crew visited multiple refugee camps in Libanon, and were shocked to experience the conditions for rejected asylum seekers. But we also met a Palestinian man, who had received crisis help in Denmark after torture, and was very grateful towards Denmark.

The crew on location at a refugee camp in Beirut

The film is edited in a dynamic style, that separates itself from the traditional interview. The main characters alk about their situation, while moving around in their environments. The interviewer voice is never heard. Often music accompanies the images in order to set the mood. Homeland is directed by Morten Ranmar, and has been broadcasted on TV Zulu and DR2.