Historical Days Renewal Award

For the second consecutive year, No Parking has been behind the scenes in the creation of an exhibition that has won a Historical Days Award. This time, the Arrest Museum in Faaborg has received the prize for the exhibition Savn & Brand. The exhibition is based on a historic crime, where a young man set fire to a farm in Funen – and the subsequent prosecution process. No Parking has been appointed the main responsibility for the production and installation, of the interactive and audiovisual components of the exhibition – all of which are interactive and triggered when the audience enters the exhibition rooms.

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No Parking participated in the exhibition’s planning phase in collaboration with the museum and storyteller Maria Junghans. Here we suggested that the exhibition experience should be built upon a cinematic dramaturgy, through the exhibition’s 4 rooms. In the first room you get an introduction to the drama- meeting a video with a strict farm manager. The second room extends and builds up the tension using light and sound installations, where you hear the young man’s thoughts of committing the crime. When you enter the third room, you trigger a wild and violent fire, visualized with a large wall projection, accompanied by sound and flickering light effects. Prior to installation, No Parking built up this room as a prototype in Copenhagen, to work on the effect. In the fourth and last rooms you can help decide the sentence of the crime, in an interactive questioning game. No Parking used the well-established actor Morten Hebsgaard, who originally was brought up in Funen, and therefore can speak with local dialect.

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