Film & Animation
Bringing the stories to life

Film Background

Several of No Parkings employees and partners have a background in animation and in film. Live-action and animated narratives play a central part in No Parking’s work and feature often in the projects we deliver.


Everything starts with the story. We have extensive experience in developing stories, from synopsis to finished manuscripts. We use sketches and storyboards to communicate the visual style and delineate the content. From there, we often make pilots and pre-visualisations in order to forge a consensus around the final product.


No Parking has professional film equipment and closed editing suites. For animation we use Cinema 4D, one of the industry’s leading 3D programs. We have powerful computers for quick rendering of animations and of the final videos.


Our background in the film branch means that we’re experienced with different narrative forms, for example documentary, short films and TV spots. Many of our productions have been shown on TV, in cinema, in exhibitions, on mobile platforms, as well as online.