The Kierkegaard Archive
Film for exhibition at the Royal Library

2013 is the anniversary for Søren Kierkegaard, which The Royal Danish Library marks with an exhibition abou The Kierkegaards Archive – an archive with Søren Kierkegaard’s original manuskripts, work notes, and diaries. No Parking has made a film about the valuable archive, which will be displayed in a small cinema, as part of the show. The film which was recorded at the Royal Library, and the Søren Kierkegaard Research Center, tells about the unique manuscripts, which the writer Kierkegaard left behind.

Documentary style
The story about the Kierkegaards Archive is told by research Librarian Bruno Svindborg, and Professor Niels Jørgen Cappelørn from the Søren Kierkegaard Research Center, who are both experts in the subject. The film gives us insight in Søren Kierkegaard’s work methods, which among others is illustrated by peeping over the shoulders of the narrators, as they study the late writers notes and sketches. No Parking chose to work in a documentary style with hand held camera, following the experts as they explore Kierkegaard’s materials.

To create an authentic expression, we have pursued to film in existing light, and only used artificial lighting in the few occasions that were absolutely necessary. This method was only possible because we used a veyr light sensitive camera, which also gives the film a cinematographic look. The camera assumes the audiences “point-of-view”, with the intention of letting the viewers feel closer to the original material –  a method that we look forward to hearing the reaction to.