Quest of Copenhagen
Historical treasure hunt in Copenhagen

Quest of Copenhagen is an interactive treasure hunt for iPad, through the historical Copenhagen. The user navigates with the help of a city map, that continously is updated with the users position through GPS data. The map shows the locations which can be explored, with large graphical icons. When approaching a location the icon changes colours, and can now be activated. Each location features a video clip, that gives the user unique information about the destination. After seeing the film the user is presented with a quiz containing 3 tricky questions. A count of points is showed at the top of the screen, contributing to a  fun competition among multiple users.


When ISS World Services were hosts to 400 executive visitors from all over the world, they were the first to explore the Quest of Copenhagen. The many participants started of in a conference hall, where the quest was introduced on big screen by an introduction video, which No Parking had produced for the event. The participants were then sent of in 100 groups, for an entertaining and  educational exploration of the historical Copenhagen. The event was coordinated by Heart Work Management.

No Parking was in charge of the digital execution of the event, using 100 iPad’s equipped with SIM-cards, so they could communicate with a server in our control room. This enabled us to control the application on each individual iPad, and start the quest when the groups were ready at their start destinations. The server implementation also meant that No Parking exactly knew where each group was located, could register their points, and communicate with the groups.

The individual groups could also communicate with each other, and for example set each other in competition. Via an “overlay” on the map, they could follow the other groups position and send them messages. The communication feature also provided messaging to No Parkings control room, so we could offer assistance in real time.


No Parking has produced films for 20 historical sites in Copenhagen for the application. The videos “go behind” the attractions and tell peoples stories from the sites, in a modern language – for example: The Royal Guards at Amalienborg Palace, the life of a ballerina from the Royal Theatre, the host of a bar in Nyhavn, and an astrologer from the observatories of the Round Tower. In all cases the stories are unpredicted and set the locations in perspective, providing the viewer with both entertainment and understanding.