Digital game about WW1 on Mosede Fort

Dilemma1914 is a digital game about WW1, for schools and other visitors in Mosede Fort. A short film introduces the conflict: The users must choose what neutral Denmark should do, when approached by the Superpowers during the war. After this introduction they sent out in the fort with iPads, and will encounter 4 dilemmas where they have to make decisions. For example they must choose wether the government should impose a censur upon the press, who are publishing articles that could hurt the Danish neutrality?

iPad game
To activate the dilemmas, the user must find and scan markers in specific locations around in the fort. This starts the game. An overview map of the military fort is built into the app, providing a status of the places that have been visited, and an overview of which dilemmas still need to be resolved.


Video dilemmas
The users are presented with videos communicating arguments from opposing sides for each of the 4 dilemmas, before choosing how each dilemma should be resolved.  If in doubt, it is possible to go back to the locations, and now hear new arguments for both views. After going through all the dilemmas, the user gets an overview of their choices, which can be shared by email.