Augmented Reality at Lejre
Mobile exploration of the past

According to Danish chronicles and Icelandic sagas, Lejre has been home for the first Danish kings. The area around Lejre is characterized by bronze age graves, stone ships, and lately the find of remains from magnificent Viking halls. With all these stories in the backyard, Lejre Museum wanted to create an informative APP that visitors can use to explore the area.

No Parking has developed a location-based APP. A map lets you navigate through the area, whilst letting you see your own position, and get an overview of the location sites. When you get near the historic sites, and a pop up box appears, and lets you explore the location. In the area where the Viking halls have been found, you can experience a virtual exploration of the halls with Augmented Reality. Discrete posts are placed in this landscape, with signs that act as markers for App. When scanning a marker with your Smartphone or iPad, our application knows exactly where you are – and you can pan around and see a visualisation of the Viking halls, both from the outside and inside.


No Parking used a real “Game Engine” to build up the application, allowing for 3D computer graphics in a high quality. Inside the Viking halls you can experience how the large space has been primarily illuminated by the flickering light from a large fireplace. From the outside you can see smoke rising from the openings in the top of the Viking halls. The halls are constructed as 3D graphics from drawings in close cooperation with archaeologists from Lejre Museum.