Virtual Reality Binoculars
A look back at 3 historical periods in Roskilde

Roskilde city has undergone many changes since the Medieval Ages. At that time there was a travertine church on the “Stændertorv” square, which was replaced by a brick church a few hundred years later. Today the church is demolished, apart from its distinctive tower that serves as a museum.

From the preserved church tower, you can look down over Stændertorvet in Virtual Reality binoculars, and see how the space would have looked in the past. No Parking has designed the robust binoculars and produced the visual content, where you can experience Stændertorvet through 3 different eras. The historic city image has been recreated as computer graphics, in collaboration with archaeologists from Roskilde Museum.


No Parking has designed and produced the binoculars, made of aluminum. Inside the binoculars we have placed accurate sensors that read the visionary angle. The visual image is reproduced on a compact computer screen built into the binoculars. When the binoculars are panned around – the sensors’ direction data is read and transferred to the computer graphics display. The visual presentation is accompanied by a soundtrack from 2 small speakers, that are built into each side of the binocular looking field. Together it gives visitors an experience of looking around in the past cityscapes. You can switch between the three periods, via a button on the telescope.