Road to Salvation
Price winning exhibition at The Monastery of Esrum

“Road to Salvation” at Esrum Monastery is an interactive exhibition that came to be the most thought provoking exhibition in the history of the museum. The exhibition asks the visitor for a high degree of self reflection that links relegion together with modern day lifestyle. “Road to Salvation” won Historic Days Renewal Price 2016.

No Parking worked together with the museum in the concept development for the exhibitions digital installations. We created the “Ideology Barometer”, a digital confessional, two sound installation and four screens for expert interviews.

“The Ideology Barometer” is an installation that tests your belief. It asks the visitor questions around the subjects of relegion and ideology e.g. “do you believe in life after death?”.  The visitor has 3 answers to choose from. In the end, the barometer shows the result that the user can choose to share on Facebook.

In the digital confessional, the guest can write her/his confession on a touchscreen inside a closed box resembling the traditional confessionals discreetness.  After 5 minuets, the confession is shown in a projection on a model of an old altarpiece. The projection shows the last 10 confessions in a loop.