Time Travel Bornholm
Cinematic installation at Naturbornholm

Throughout the years, numerous fossil remains have surfaced on Bornholm, witnessing that the island was once home to dinosaurs. This resulted in the experience center Naturbornholm wanting an installation where visitors could travel back in time, and experience these fantastic creatures. No Parking was given the assignment, and together with the museum, started to research upon how the landscape and creatures would have looked, through the last 1700 million years.

A Visual Time Travel
No Parking has recreated Bornholm’s transition from urban times, through the era of dinosaurs, to the ice age, with 3D-animation. During the time travel the audience meets large long necked dinosaurs, small carnival dinosaurs, and strange sea creatures that lived in the prehistoric oceans. They also witness natures phenomena, such as sand storms, meteor showers, and a violent earth quake.


The assignment called for a complete solution, including content and technical platform, and to create an installation that could serve as introduction to the museums exhibitions. In order to enhance the visitor experience, No Parking designed a solution with multiple video screens, that surround the audience, and give an impression of being right in the middle of everything. Additionally the visuals are supported by surround sound, and the seats vibrate when dinosaurs pound around, or during a Jurassic earth quake. Outside the viewing room, the museum personnel can choose between 4 language versions on a user screen. When the show starts, the doors automatically close, and lights are dimmed.


Production Method
The project is groundbreaking in its visual and technical methods, and has contributed to development of No Parking’s methods and competencies. Technically it has been challenging to visualize 10 minutes of multi-screen animation, with realistic vegetation and environmental detailing. The scenes has to de rendered out in multiple layers, collected and digitally composited, including masking, retouching and color grading.

In reproduction of the dinosaurs, the animators faced a huge challenge. The behavior of the creatures was largely undocumented, and therefore we had to study living animals like; birds, lizards and reptiles. The latest research also showed that small carnival dinosaurs had feathers, which was another challenge in creating a realistic look.

The experience center Naturbornholm has conducted an investigation of visitor satisfaction, which shows that the Time Travel ranks among the highest in the museums offerings. No Parking has also created a DVD with the Time Travel film, which is sold in the museum shop.