Numerous installations with interactive experiences

Ragnarock is a new museum for rock, pop and youth culture, located at the new Musicon area in Roskilde. The exhibition was divided into three tenders, of which No Parking has been responsible for the development and implementation of interactive installations in collaboration with the museum designers and consultants.

No Parking has delivered 12 major interactive installations for RagnaRock. The first installation which visitors encounter is one of the most complex we’ve made. Here you can experiment and manipulate lighting design via 3 interactive stations that are built into a curved console; the first one uses a touch screen to create visualization of 60’s psychedelic lighting effects; on the next one you can manipulate a laser light show in 80’s style, by moving the hands up and down over 4 luminous tubes; and finally you can control and test various “projection mapping” visualizations with 3 sturdy handles. The results is displayed on a large curved projection screen – also creating a change of the installation soundtrack that emphasizes the experience.

In continuation of the lighting installation, you meet an interactive dance installation, where you can practice jitterbug, rave and hip-hop dance styles. No Parking used a “Motion Capture” dress on a professional dancer to capture real dance movements. The dances are displayed with a digital avatar on a large projection, where visitors also can see an outline of himself, and receives visual feedback that shows how good they follow the dances.

On the next floor of the museum No Parking has made a “scream” installation, where the audience scores points for the loudest and longest fan scream. In another installation, you can move back and forth on a timeline and see events in the history of rock’n’roll scrolls by on a projection. If you want to go more in depth, you can explore the timeline on 3 touch screens. The museum can update text and images via a web interface.


Parking also made 3 digital “turntables” where you have to try to rotate the discs at the right speed: 78, 33 or 45 rpm. Opposite these, there are 2 installations designed as radios with a large knob that lets you tune in to historical music programs. In another installation, which is designed as a cassette tape, you can explore demo tracks that various bands have submitted. Moreover, we have created a big potentiometer where you can mix – and listen to different recordings from the Danish band “Nephew”. Finally, No Parking made a karaoke-style singing installation, where you record a video with your contribution to the “world’s biggest choir”. The result of the many recordings can be seen and heard on a giant screen that you meet on the way out of the exhibition.

Apart from the museum inspectors No Parking has cooperated with White Noise Agency, Stouenborg, Kurtzweil, AV Center, interaction advisor Jesper Harding and designer Robert Daniel Nagy.