Interactive experiences


Visitors stand for a full 12 minutes and are completely captivated in the transformation of the “Tree of Life”

Naturkraft is a new experience center in Ringkobing, which combines a huge park, with a large communication building with several exhibition pavilions. The project has been underway for several years and was designed by the architects Thoegersen & Stouby. No Parking was contracted for the development of the main installations, and has also supplied all AV and IT equipment.

Naturkraft is full of sensuous installations. The “Tree of Life” is an installation where you follow a tree through the seasons. The effect is created via projection with 6 powerful video projectors on a large celestial sphere. Here you can follow the tree, from it blooms in spring to the beautiful fall of autumn. In the forest floor, the animations show how the tree absorbs nutrients from the soil. The visualizations are created in high resolution and realistic style – in a 12 minute loop.

The Tree of Life also offers several interactive installations, which are located on the footbridge. For example. you can put your hand on a brass disc and trigger a cloud of rain, or blow in a brass funnel and experience how the wood absorbs our CO2 and emits vital oxygen.


Another installation is “Man in Nature”. It is a projected resource game that deals sharply with today’s climate challenges. You build cities and communities by laying pieces on the landscape, and you can see how the population grows. But unfortunately, the growing activities have a side effect that causes the ice to melt and the water to rise. The game warns about this with loud rumbling sounds and flashing light effects.

No Parking has also made a huge lighting installation “Bølgen” together with lighting designer Jens Lind. In Bølgen we also use video projections and sound to create the feeling of the rushing wave. Furthermore, there are several sensors through the Wave that detect the visitors’ movements and trigger powerful sound and video effects wherever they go.

The complete exhibition and its lights are controlled by a central “Blocks” control system, which No Parking has provided and programmed. This system is also a CMS system, where the center can maintain visual and audible content in the exhibitions.