National Park of North Sealand
Complete exhibition at Esrum Monastery

The new exhibition at The Esrum Monastery tells the story of the Kings of North Zealand National Park. No Parking has supplied all exhibits in the 3 central rooms: the Overview Room, the Forest Room and the Water Room. Each exhibition room is decorated with a light wall, using colored LED lights behind plates with figurative patterns. No Parking has also designed an interactive installation for each room, as well as delivered all displays. The physical installations are made in natural materials.

The first thing you meet when entering the exhibition, is a large interactive screen where you can explore the concept of the National Park, and learn something about the players involved in the project. On the wall there is a map of the national park of cork, where you can share your visions for the national park with analogue pinup notes. In the Forest Room you can learn how we humans influence nature in the national park on vertical “trees” with poster displays. There is also a screen with animations about wildlife and diversity. In the Water Room, you can interact with water through an interactive table, experiment with water power, drainage or water ducts. When you drag one of the 3 handles, the projection changes with animation of the water.