Exhibition at Trekroner
Film installation and interactive experiences

Development process
In 2009 No Parking was engaged in the project by Bysted A/S. The process started with establishing a concept for the project “FORTIFICATIONS OF COPENHAGEN”, that apart from the Trekroner fortress, also covered the fortress Garderhøj and Vestvolden. Throughout the concept development, No Parking has participated in creating a communication strategy, with 3 layers: the past, present tense, and the sensual. To make the strategy appeal to an audience, we have developed arch-type figures, that serve to bring the storytelling alive. In the concept development, we have also made plans for usage of interactivity and digital tools. Read more: http://www.befaestningen.com/

For the Trekroner experience No Parking has delivered a video installation, where a film about “The battle of Copenhagen” is shown on a large curved screen.  The installation is built up with a 7,2 x 1,6 meter curved video screen, that is created by 3 video projectors, in combination of film, surround sound, and lighting effects. We have also created 4 interactive sensual installations in the dark attics of the fortress. Finally we have delivered a control system, that automatically starts up the installation, runs the exhibition elements, and shuts down everything, at a preselected time – this is important, as the installation is unmanned.

Director Morten Ranmar developed the screenplay in cooperation with colleague Ebbe Kyrø. After approval of the script, a storyboard was made, which was scanned and edited, to give a good indication of plot and duration. The film was recorded at an old historic site in Copenhagen, with famous Danish actor Nis Bank Mikkelsen, as the main character. Apart from sequences with the actor, the film uses animation and graphics, to visualize the event. Historical paintings were digitized, and brought alive, with a technique that makes them look 3-dimensional. Animations were undertaken by A-Film, with whom No Parking has collaborated for numerous projects.

Interactive experiences
In the dark and humid attics of the fortress, we have created 4 light and sound installations, which interact with visitors through motion sensors. Visitors moving into the selected zones trigger sensual storytelling. For example the sound of voices calling out in the dark, a simulated explosion with lighting and loud audio, and intriguing musical effects.

Unmanned installation
Trekroner is an unmanned experience center. Because of that, No Parking from the beginning suggested the establishment of an intelligent control system, that automatically starts up the installation, runs the exhibition, and shuts it down in the evening. The system also monitors and sends out a warning in case of malfunction. No Parking has had responsibility for specification and programming of the control system.