Old Town Automobiles
Tactile installations, that bring old cars to life

The historical experience museum “Den Gamle By”, has opened two new attractions from the beginning of the 20th century. One is an automotive workshop where you can see how a car engine was repaired in the old days. The second is a car dealer with three automobiles: a Ford Coupé, a Ford Sedan and a Citroen C3. No Parking has provided interactive installations for both exhibitions.


At the automotive workshop you will meet a veteran car, where the windshield has been converted into a movie screen. An animation on the screen tells you to turn the engine’s starting handle. When you rotate the handle, you hear the sound of an engine trying to start – and after a couple of turns a cartoon plays on the windshield. The film shows a car stopping, being picked up by a crane and driven to the workshop. The engine is removed and the various parts are repaired. As the cartoon shows the workshops machines in action, they are lit up by spotlights, and enlivened with sound from a locally placed speaker. In this way, the cartoon helps tying the engine repair together with the exhibition.

At the car dealer you are met by a projection of a car salesman, asking you to select one of the cars, in a catalog on the counter. The catalog is constructed in lacquered wood, where submerged aluminum buttons, show motifs of the cars in display. Each of the three tactile buttons can trigger more stories, with the salesman advertising the cars. No Parking has developed the stories in collaboration with the museum, and used a professional actor as the car salesman. The stories can be played both in Danish and English.