Qven Museum
Mood-creating projections and cultural stories

Customer: Vadsø Museum, Varanger / Norway
Product: 300 sqm. exhibition contract
Purpose: Dissemination of historical migration and identity


Vadsø Kvenmuseum is a cultural history museum that looks back at the origins of Finnish immigrants and how these people have integrated into Norway without losing their original identity.

No Parking has had a turnkey contract for the exhibition and the collaboration with Spekta A / S on the physical structure. We have placed emphasis on creating a modern interpretation of the historical perspective through sensual and immersive light and video projections. For example, we show the migration as an easy installation with 60 faces hanging in the entrance area – where the light moves from face to face in waves towards the exhibition. We show stories about resources as projections on the facades of the four theme pavilions. In-depth content can be explored digitally on screens throughout the exhibition.