Wadden Sea Culture
Dynamic projections and screens

The area around the Danish Wadden Sea is characterized by a special culture, with stories about human struggle with the sea. This is the starting point for a comprehensive new cultural exhibition at the Wadden Sea Center. Here you can experience stories from the first Vikings who settled in the area, through the landscape’s transformation behind closed dikes, to the recent times tourism.

No Parking has revived the cultural tales with projections moving around in the room using rotating mirrors. The projections include animations of phenomena such as oxen shipments, whaling, harvesting the marsh and murmuration of starlings in the air. The projections are accompanied by an audio composition that together creates a vibrant and dynamic exhibition space.

At the edge of the large dark glass display structure, designed by JAC Studios, we have built in 4 large touch screens. On the screens you can explore stories about the exhibits, in the form of articles, films and animations. Upon interaction the real artefact on display, is lit up by spots. Unlike the monochrome wall animations, the screen animations use a layer of color. The animations are organized as picture books, where you scroll from scene to scene. All data on the screens is embedded in a modern CMS system, so it’s easy to keep updated, and add new stories.