Holocaust Museum Stockholm
Exhibition Design and Projection Mapping

Client:     Historical Museums, Stockholm
Product:   400 sqm. exhibition design & projections
Purpose:  Stories about Holocaust victims that came to Sweden

Sweden was neutral during World War II and took in Jews fleeing the terror of Nazism. The museum focuses on 7 Holocaust survivors and tells their stories through 4 exhibition themes. No Parking has been responsible for exhibition design in collaboration with the museum’s scenographer, and has delivered 4 installations with projection narratives.

The exhibition is made up of rectangular modules that are put together in different ways. This method speaks to the historical order paradox of the Nazi era, and at the same time creates interesting surfaces to project onto. The projected areas are accompanied by rectangular seating, so you can stay and linger on the stories.

To tie the 4 projection areas together, No Parking has created a design where there is a layer of shadows over the collages of historical images. The shadows represent time and space, in a world that was full of change and where the Jews were stripped of all control over their own time and place.