Gamla Uppsala
Exhibition about Vendel & Vinking ages

Customer: Gamla Uppsala Museum, Sweden

Task: 300 square meter exhibition entreprise

Purpose: Dissemination of the area as a historical center of power

The area near Old Uppsala, testifies with several large burial mounds, to a historic royal centre – dating back to a period before the Viking Age. The museum wanted a new base exhibition, to convey about history in a modern and inclusive way. No Parking has delivered the exhibition contract in collaboration with Exponent. The new exhibition is built with exciting content for both children and adults.

Upon entering, the visitors are greeted by a projection that welcomes them. Here, the museum can also provide information about activities via a dynamic “Blocks” CMS system, where all the content of the exhibition can easily be kept up to date. Further inside the exhibition, there is a projected landscape model, on which six animations of the development can be activated from buttons on a timeline.

On a large wall-mounted installation, No Parking has made tactile and enlarged replications of historical artifacts that are accessible to visitors. Most of these replications are computergenerated from 3D scans and images of the objects – which are then 3D-printed and hand-painted. When you select one of the objects on a built-in screen, a strong light appears on the displayed object, while you explore articles and images.

The exhibition uses a Control System from Pixilab to automate the operation, and keep all visual elements updated through its Content Management System.

A hologram shows the legendary hero Beowulf next to replications of his weapon. On a screen next to it, you can read selected stories from the fairy tale. When you choose one of the stories, the projection is brought to life and illustrates the story with animation. This grip makes the narrative vivid and understandable.