Restaurant Alchemist
Abstract experience installations

Our design contributes to a restaurant experience that goes beyond the gastronomic.

Restaurant Alchemist is more than a magnificent culinary experience. The guest is led through a designed universe that creates moods and supports the dining narratives.

Light installation
Following the main meals, guests are led through a lighting installation. No Parking has designed and installed an experience here with 600 meters of Electroluminescent wire (EL wire). At Alchemist’s own request, the installation pays homage to sexual diversity. In addition to the EL wire in the colors of the LGBTQ flag, which are built up in mountain-like formations, there is total darkness in the room. Mirrors in the floor and ceiling, gives the guest a feeling that the room and the installation extend into space and expand beyond their own horizons. The space acts as a visual break from the rest of the restaurant experience.

Wine App
Food is accompanied by wine. For this, No Parking has developed a custom made wine App for the restaurant. Like the rest of the installations, Alchemist wanted a different experience of a wine list. The App includes both an interactive interface for the explorers, and a classic list view for those who just want to see a wine list. The App is custom designed for ipads and uses a web-based CMS as a backend. That way Alchemist can – at any time – change and update the contents of their wine list.