Index Awards
Multimedia show at the DR Concert Hall

Index Award is an international price, which is given to design that improves life. In 2009 the show was created in Danish Televisions completely new concert hall. No Parking was in charge of visual storytelling across multiple video screens over and across the stage.

Scenographic design
No Parking was involved in the project many months before the event, and were asked to come up with a design for the visual experience, that would also work on television. The result was a scenographic screen design, with 5 projected screens that were suspended from the ceiling in different heights and depths. A large central screen showed the live video production, that was simultaneously being transmitted on television, while the rest of the screens showed relevant graphics – all together adding to the visual staging.


In order to synchronize content on all the 5 screens, No Parking used an advanced Watchout system, where we could use all screens as a whole canvas – enabling us to animate graphics and words across the screens all together. For example, when the Danish Symphony Orchestra performed, we would display the classical tunes nodes, scrolling across all the entire screen area. In other instances the screens would react to words spoken by the performers, with animations popping up on select screens.

Live on television
No Parking worked closely together with STV production in regards to the television transmission, and simultaneously streaming to 20 million Facebook users. Working on a production that was cast on TV, demanded extra security and powerful projectors. To ensure the production, No Parking used backup on all equipment, and the main video screen was simultaneously lit up by two 10.000 lumen stacked projectors.