Extensive stereoscopic 3D projection in Berlin

Grundfos is internationally reknown for their heating- and water pumps. So when they set out to introduce a new generation of pumps – it was not a small event, and the expectations were high. Beforehand, the event agency Welcome had visited No Parking in order to inspect our new capabilities in 3D presentation. It was decided to use this technology for the Grundfos presentation – and suddenly we were busy with planning and production, for our largest assignment so far.

Production in 3D
To create 3-dimensional effects, that literally popped out of the screens, No Parking created numerous 3D animations and programmed the show with WATCHOUT. In the newest version, the WATCHOUT production software can work in 3-dimensional space on multiple displays. We used this feature to create animations that ran across all 7 screens in the setup.

The 3D technology

When working with projections in different angles, it is important to use the right 3D technology. For example the polarisation technology which is used in many cinemas, would not create an optimal 3D experience in this scenario. So instead we utilized the ground breaking 3D technology from INFITEC which, even though you still need to wear glasses, gives a better 3D image with fantastic colors. No Parking actually uses the same technology in our own showroom.Show in Berlin
The show took place in a large venue in Berlin. Before that, No Parking had been on a site inspection to meet the local crew, and make exact measurements. We also made a visit to the largest rental company in Germany, to make sure that the 3D technology would work as expected. Setting up the installation took five days, which included programming of the final 3D-effects and audio mixing in surround-sound. In order to feed all the projectors, No Parking used no less than  15 WATCHOUT computers feeding 24 high-definition video projectors.