Film and Audio
Narrative communication that invokes empathy

Our human culture is based on a tradition of narratives. Ever since ancient times, stories have been oral orally passed over from individual to individual. But there are differences in how a story is told – and you are not in doubt, when you hear a good story.
No Parking originally comes from the film industry, and has worked with various narratives such as Documentaries, short films and TV spots. We have learned that it is essential to create a good and well-written manuscript, and have experimented with different narrative methods. We have developed a narrative style that works well for exhibitions. The format must not be too long – but should be able to invoke a deeper perception of the viewer. The dramaturgy must be designed for this type of story. These type of narratives can be used as audio clips, or short films in an exhibition – for example; audioguides, listening stations, film projections and interactive installations.