Sensory Installations
Experiences that interact with visitors

There are cases where you want to enliven an exhibition, but do not want to patch it up with modern communication technology; such as video screens. This is often the case with protected buildings or for example open-air museums. Here you can advantageously build in, or hide the technology and create an unexpected layer of story with light, sound and video projections.We work with an interactive approach to the experience, where hidden or discreet sensors capture the presence or movement of visitors, and launch a live-telling story. It is also possible to equip the audience with a chip, so that we can read their movement through an exhibition. This enables us to create a sequence in the storytelling, which evolves from one room to another.

At the Savn & Brand exhibition in Faaborg, we have placed chips in stable lamps, that visitors are handed out before they are let into the exhibition. Sensors catch their movement, and light the exhibition with warm light, where they move – so it is almost perceived as the lamp lighting up the exhibition.

When visitors enter one of the central rooms in the exhibition, they trigger a projection of a fire that completely fills one of the walls in the room. The effect is amplified by warm LED lights in different places in the room, which together creates a credible sense of being in the midst of a fire – enhancing the theme of the exhibition, and giving visitors an unforgettable experience.