Dilemma Games
Every choice has a consequence for the story

Museums often want to get in contact with the young target group, that do not normally visit exhibitions. One way of doing this is to create games that interact with the visitors, and involve them in an evolving story, where the visitors have to choose between different possible scenarios. At No Parking we have vast experience in achieving this. Having created games for more than a dozen museums in Denmark, we can honestly say that the method works.

Dilemma games can be integrated into an exhibition, or can be played on a mobile platform. If the game is integrated it should be designed, so multiple visitors can view and play it simultaneously. In this way an interaction is created between the visitors. We have experienced that a good dilemma game can create a debate between visitors about the next step in the game. This is the case in a dilemma game, that we have created for the Arrest Museum in Faaborg. Here the visitors participate in judging a young man for a crime – and there is genuine doubt about how he should be punished.

A mobile dilemma game, on the other side,  has the advantage that tasks can activate the visitors to move around in an exhibition. This is the case in the dilemma game “Murder in the Arrest” (also created for the Arrest Museum). In this game the visitors must solve a murder puzzle, by moving around and “interrogating” persons.

This dilemma game is played on iPads – and you use the camera to “scan” images of the persons, that have been set up in the exhibition. After interrogating multiple persons you discover that something isen’t correct. You then have to return, and interrogate the same persons one more time, and observe that they now change their testimony. The aim is to discover who the murderer is.