Virtual Reality Binocular
Visualisation of the past with high precision

No Parking has developed a digital binocular that can visualize virtual scenarios – eg. from another age. Looking through the binocular, you first see the familiar surroundings – but as soon as you pan around, the motion of the binocular’s precise sensors is captured – and the surroundings are transformed to create a credible experience of being the same place, yet in another time. Everything is possible in the virtual scenarios, displayed as computer graphics and animations, in realistic or stylized design – depending on your requests and budget.

Roskilde Museum has installed No Parkings Virtual Reality Binocular in an old church tower, which has endured to stand at the city’s main square. Here you can now look down the square, and see how the city has changed through 3 time periods. You use a button on the binoculars to switch between the ages – then you can pan around and explore the city.

The Virtual Reality binocular can be delivered in a fixed version, that is connected to power, and does not require any form of handling. The experience can also be created with a mobile battery-powered display, that can be taken around in an exhibition or outdoors.