Cinemas, Panoramas, and Projection Mapping
Projections are a great way of enhancing the atmosphere in a show or exhibition. We strive to create a visual style that plays up against its surroundings, or integrates seamlessly. This requires some additional planning, but is well worth the effort. One of the methods we use, is to “map” the projections, so they fit perfectly upon different shapes and surfaces.

Projection mapping requires precise measurements and calculations, and No Parking has profound experience with this kind of visualisation, with more than 10 of these projects in our portfolio. For example for the Copenhagen Culture Night 2015, the 41 x 12 meter facade of the Danish National Museum, was transformed it into an immersive visual experience – exactly fitting the architecture. The image was provided by 8 powerful video projectors, using specialised software to stitch the image together. The event was applauded by the visitors, and images of the projection flooded the social media sites.