Treasure Hunt
Make the location visit into an exciting mission

How do you activate a group of hundreds of people, visiting a city while getting to know each other? With a digital treasure hunt on iPads, the groups of people both achieve knowledge of the city’s destinations, and play out a mission that they must resolve together. No Parking has developed this kind of digital treasure hunt, which we have executed in both Copenhagen and Paris.

The participants are divided into groups of 3-4 people. Each group has its own iPad on which they navigate through a map, explore the outlined destinations, and solve tasks in competition with the other groups.

The tasks are build up as games with quiz elements, where you first explore the sites story via a short introductory video, and then have your knowledge tested through a series of questions with multiple answers. The application shows the correct answer, and you receive points for your achievement.

We have also created an advanced edition with a chat feature, where the groups can see each other’s position on the map, and can send messages to each other – directly from the application.

The concept can also be used to explore historical areas, by combining the informative part with a quiz or other kind of game. For example, we have created an APP for the Lejre Museum, where you can explore the historical landscape surrounding the museum.