360 degree installation
An experience that surrounds with visual storytelling

Something special happens when you are enclosed by a big visual experience. With No Parking’s spacious 360 degree pavilion, you can share this experience with others. The pavilion is 12 meters in diameter with a 3 meter high image that surrounds the audience completely. The video image is projected using a special technology, that creates an overall image experience, and is supported by a multi-track audio page from 4 speakers.


The installation was initially developed for Louisiana – the Museum for Modern Art, for a pavillon at the Venice Biennale in 2012. In order to be able to setup and test the content beforehand, No Parking chose to invest in all technical components for the installation. Regarding freight costs to Venice – this paid of, since rental prices in Venice are very high. No Parking has now invested in a large where all equipment can be housed, and transported in. The 360 degree installation has since been setup at the Ikea museum in Sweden, and at several venues in Denmark.

The 360 ​​degree pavilion allows you to make intense exhibitions and events. We can produce movies in 360 degrees, setting the audience in the middle of the action. The large visual canvas can also be used to make impressive graphic presentations. For example the pavilion has been used for an exclusive product presentation as part of a tourism event. The structure can accommodate 100 seated people in its circular form, but can alternatively be extended to a large oval with room for 250 – or simply be set up as a free-standing circular arc for film display.

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