Morten Ranmar
Producer & Director

Morten is a creative and focused person, that constantly immerses himself in new technology and storytelling methods. A background of photography has given him a visual insight, which has been expanded with comprehensive training in script writing and direction. Morten has a love for the good story, and likes to challenge the visual universe and the audience’s experience.

email: mr@noparking.dk

mobil: +45 4057 8222

Kasper Henriksen
Production Manager / AV-Producer

Kasper is visual and precise, and does not get intimidated by technical challenges and tight deadlines.  He takes responsibility for complicated installations and executions, with excess for creative thinking, spreading  optimism and spirit to the people who surround him. Kasper graduated from the Film- and TV production School with diploma from No Parking.

email: kh@noparking.dk

mobil: +45 4151 8222

Patrick Gilbert
Graphic Designer

Patrick has a degree from Kolding Design School and creates design for interaktive installations. Patrick also contributes in concept development. Apart from the graphics work, he also works with visual effects at No Parking.

Søren Klok
Interaction Designer

Søren has a degree from the Design School in Copenhagen, and is born with a curious nature, which results in a great ability in finding technical solutions. He has worked with museums for the past 5 years, giving him a profound understanding of the audience’s approach, and good design for interactive installations.

email: sk@noparking.dk

mobil: +45 4080 8222

Cecilie Warming
Technical Developer

Cecilie works as a developer at No Parking, while finishing her Master Degree in lighting design. She also has experience with tactile erfaring  installations and Augmented Reality.

Philip Gabriel
Audio Designer

Philip has a great talent for musical compositions, and has a degree from Sonic College in Denmark. He is responsible for audio recording, editing, sound effects and music, for No Parking’s interactive productions.

Samuel Walz
Technical Developer

Samuel has a Masters Degree in Game Design, from the  IT University of Copenhagen. He is also someone who loves complex challenges – a skill that is fulfilled by programming of complex multimedia applications and mobile Apps at No Parking, where he explores new ways to create interactive stories.